Creative Wedding Bouquets – What You Need To Know

A wedding day is the most stressful day in a brides life. Will the guest be on time ? Is my dress pretty enough for that special man ? Oh, God ! Where’s my creative wedding bouquets ? I can’t believe we left it at the house ! Quickly, grab a cat and walk with it. Yes, a cat; what’s so strange about it ? Didn’t you hear about the cat tossing tradition ? A cute kitty cat can be used instead of a bouquet. But, only if you follow these rules.

Note: This article is made simply for fun, to make it easy for the brides. Girls, relax and enjoy your special day. Also. no cats were harmed while doing this.


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First of all, every bride needs to have a wedding theme. You can’t just have an eccentric bouquet on a black tie wedding. This Christmas bride knows about this rule; she chose a beautiful kitten wearing a tiny Santa hat as her bouquet.