15 Ways To Keep Kids Calm At The Wedding

Getting kids to calm down at a wedding is mission impossible. Well, not unless you have something to keep them entertained. Some games, coloring books or art projects are the guaranteed way to keep the kids happy. Let’s see what else you can do to make them happy and quiet…


I spy with my little eye… a married couple in love! Okay, kids aren’t the best photographer. But, who knows? Maybe they take an unusually great shot of your wedding day. You’re gonna appreciate that.

keep kids busy - Disposable camera scavenger hunt Photo: Wedding Ring // Featured: The Knot Blog:  Source

Place some disposable cameras where the kids are going to sit and have them take a bunch of photos through the day. You can even organise a little scavenger hunt for them; how many photos of dancing couples can they take, how many different people will toast to you etc.